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Nu-Beginning Farm Store

John and Stella met and fell in love in the Fall of 1993 and were married in November of 1995.


They created a blended family of 4 sons and 3 daughters which has grown into seven families giving them 14 grandchildren. 


Love and support for each other allowed each of them to go to college as adult students giving Stella an accounting degree and John the opportunity to advance his career in business. 


After living in Amherst County/Lynchburg area they decided to migrate back to Stella’s childhood hometown of Greenville in January of 2002.  There have been many rocky roads and trials but with the guidance of God, they have made it through and continue to do so after the pandemic.

Oven Roasted Vegetables

Stella and I get it. We, too, have the same busy lifestyle. That's why we believe that busy people should be able to enjoy a home cooked meal without the extensive time preparation.

We understand that you still want to take care of yourself, which is why we offer our Grab n Go cold food takeout. (Healthy and nutritious! Add it to your meal plan for quick eating.)

And we offer quick, simple recipes in our store and on our website to help you fix good food fast.

Stella and I say, "Lose the guilt!" Stop in and shop for good foods to fix fast. Need some suggestions? We're happy to offer up quick pairing ideas to make your meal prep easy.

Or, simply take advantage of our take home dinners online!

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